Our Hot Process soaps are handmade in small batches using only the best quality ingredients.

Our soaps are made to a recipe not a price, our time and effort goes into making the very best soap, with no harsh chemicals or detergents and definitely no compromises.

We have soaps for problem skin, men’s soaps, body scrubs, facial soaps, gentle exfoliating & tan preparation, and even soaps for Tradies.

Every step in the process of making our products from making molds and cutting equipment, design and printing of labels, packing and wrapping is done in-house.

Through making all of our soaps in the Hot Process we are able to not only produce the best type of soap rich in Glycerin but only we are also able to add moisturising Butters and Oils & Aloe Vera into the finished soap whilst it is still molten, not achievable by any other method. Luxurious with a great lather, scented with only the best of quality scents and essential oils.


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