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Made with love, everything we do is ‘for you, by hand’.

Good for Your Skin

Only the very best of ingredients are used and by adding Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter moisturisers, your skin will feel so good.

Hand-made Quality

Our handmade range of products are made in small batches using only the best quality ingredients. made with love..

Palm Oil Free

No palm oil or palm oil derivatives are used in the making of our soaps. For information on what we do use see here

Shaving Products

We have all you need for a great shave, Shaving Soap, Shaving Brushes, Brush Stands, Hand made shaving Mugs and for those that have a Beard we...

Ethical Culture

We have embraced the ability to put into place high ethical standards to our operations & our ingredients selection.

Economical Shipping

We send all goods Australia Post one flat rate $5.00 and free postage for orders over $60.00. We no Longer ship outside Australia.

The soap that
brings joy

What we do can be put in these few words: ‘for you, by hand’. We are committed to producing the very finest of cosmetic body care products. Using only natural ingredients and putting our full devotion into every piece of our beautiful collection.

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The Benefits of Handmade Soap

Your skin will love it! Made from fats and oils, not detergents. Superior ingredients. Traditional process that retains the properties of the oils and butters. Glycerine is retained in our handmade soap.


clients about us

Now on my 3rd container of shaving soaps – would not use anything else. The quality remains great and if this was sold on the broad market it has to be a “hit”.

Bought the “With Attitude” Shaving Soap at Eumundi Markets and have found it to be the best soap I have ever used. Have used Crabtree & Evelyn for years and this one leaves it for dead. Foams nicely and last well through the shaving process. Will replenish with the same when it runs out.Dennis Poidevin.

Dennis Poidevin.

I’ve made shaving into a bit of an expenisve hobby and have many different soaps from all over the world from many different makers. I can say hands down, Salt Lake Soaps are the best I’ve ever used. Fifty Shades has a fantastic scent and has definitely become a favourite of mine.Jamie Hamilton.

A fabulous soap. Especially in combination with the bath soap of the same name. This soap has a delightfully robust aroma. It hits you as soon as you open the container and remains until the end of the shave. An almond sized scoop placed in the bottom of the shaving bowl is just right for a three pass shave. It doesn’t take long to lather and doesn’t take much water. I ended up with a lovely yoghurt texture without aeration. It gave good face coverage with excellent protection from a Gem blade.  I was off to work a happy man. Mick Eastwood.

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